Ice, Ice, Burgia (+ Queen Bassline)

It has been one week since my landing in Rexburg, and I am quite happy to report it snowed today!

I know. Who am I, and what have they done with the real Jeri Lynn?

I’ll be the first to admit that the sight of those pristine little flakes falling from the grey sky brought back all the fears and insecurities I felt in my last post before Rexburg…. and I complained a lot…. and after complaining some more and almost having a breakdown walking home from Devotional with Nena and Lizzie…. I ate some delicious granola + yogurt + raisins…. I saw a perfect little snowflake resting on my sleeve. Seriously, it was the most perfect snowflake I have EVER seen. It had all the little arms it’s supposed to have and it was just so so so so beautiful… which made me realize that we can find beauty everywhere, even in the freezing cold snow…. and THEN I fully embraced the snow. I’m choosing to make snow an exciting, slippery, beautiful part of my adventures in Rexburg.

Especially the slippery part. No worries, though…. Roosevelt (my darling Saturn Vue) is handling it quite well so far.

I’ve been learning a lot in the week since I’ve been in Rexburg.

1. Bright orange-and-turquoise coats do two things: protect you from getting hit by cars at night (seriously), and provide an excellent way to meet people.

2. Having a bottle of hand lotion on your desk, a giant box of OCPs handy, and excellent music on your computer really, really helps with the frigid tundra that is Eastern Idaho.

3. Printing is not free. (College of Idaho… I miss your big, free, malfunctioning printer.)

4. No one understands the name “Jeri Lynn” the first time. I noticed this a little at College of Idaho… but here, where almost everyone shakes your hand and looks you in the eye to ask your name…. Jeri Lynn is a hard one.Example:in my social dance class the man asks you to dance and tells you his name, then you respond with yours… my response is “Hi _____, my name is Jeerrriiii Lyyynnnn.” (a little slow so maybe they’ll catch it)…. and their response is a slightly confused look followed by “Hi… what was that again? Jerry… Juh…. Jeralyn?” When the TA pulled me out to use me as an example, he said, “What’s your name again?” And I said, “I’m the girl with the weird name.” What was his response? “Oh, Jeri Lynn! The girl with the ‘creative’ parents.” [Insert my laughter here.]

5. Hilarious roommates = awesome fun happy time. I wish all of you could read our quote wall, and hear Lizzie’s robot voice, and hear Nena talk about psychology…. because it is seriously hilarious.

6. Prayer can help any fear or insecurity we have. I have already gained so much faith since I’ve been here; faith in the power of prayer to help us through anything we are going through. Anything. All my fears are just melting away with each second I keep a prayer in my heart and hope in my mind. I hope I’m not getting too religious up in here, I just want to encourage you to pray if you haven’t in a while…. it really brings peace to the soul and comfort to a troubled heart.

7. Not everyone is as marriage-crazed as I thought, or as was rumored… it’s definitely a different atmosphere here with regard to relationships and marriage… but I pictured some sort of starved, zombie-eyed group of people just wandering around campus latching themselves on to anyone with a bare left hand. Not true…. mostly.

8. Cooking isn’t so bad. I’m still no chef… but I’m still alive, which is much further (farther?) than I thought I would get!!!

9. My grandma Madge is the coolest lady ever. I really, really miss seeing her every day!!!

I feel like those sounded pretty negative…. but I’m really, really, really¬† ridiculously happy about all of them! I’m realizing a ton of new things about myself and my family and Rexburg that I never even knew… and it’s only been one week! It’s all part of a really different experience that I’m having in my life right now… one that I’m fully intending on enjoying to the very last second.

Rexburg has been so beneficial to me already. I feel like my whole spirit is being uplifted and strengthened and stretched and expanded. The crisp winter air and the long walks up the hill are allowing me plenty of time to meditate on how great this place really is. I’ve spent this whole week just laughing and learning and loving my life and laughing even more.


I have no idea what will happen to me tomorrow, or in a week, or in a month, or in a year, or two years or ten years… but I know that right now I’m reflecting on how happy we can choose to be. We can choose every single day to just enjoy the adventure we’re in! And that’s what I’m trying my best to do…. and guess what?!


Yours Truly,
Jerry… Juh… Jeralyn? (JERI LYNN)