The Nature of a Facebook Fast

Nine days.

I have been off Facebook for nine days.

My roommate Lizzie has control over my account… she changed my password for me last Monday (February 20). Let me tell you what THAT has been like so far…

Lizzie was the one who started this all…. actually, wait.

First let me show you how stylish and dazzling we are:

I feel like that photo basically explains itself. That was a few weeks ago…. when we were trying to start a “let’s-only-wear-yoga-pants-and-slippers” revolution. As you may have guessed, that didn’t work. But we still look(ed) great.

She might punch me for putting that up.

Also, notice my hand on my hip? I feel like I was channeling Cam from Modern Family.


We realized how much time we were wasting on Facebook… SO MUCH TIME. So much time wasted I don’t even KNOW how much time, it would take too long to calculate it. (Is that irony?) So Lizzie changed my password and I never looked back… sorta.

I got on Facebook today to tell you I posted this… and that I will still be posting on this blog… and then I logged out. It felt a little like cheating, but I wanted you to know.

All week, especially Sunday, I have felt like I was missing out on something. Like something fun and exciting and wonderful was happening that I was missing out on in the Facebook News Feed.

It is so embarrassing to write that! Why should I even care? It is so embarrassing to be one of “those people” who gets addicted to Facebook! I know so many people who use their Facebook occasionally to keep in touch with old friends… but I use it to see what other exciting things people are doing, or what they’re saying about what they’re doing, and make myself feel bad because I’m not doing the same things they are. Or I use it to avoid my homework. Or I use it for A MILLION OTHER STUPID REASONS that I can’t even write because they’re too embarrassing.

And all week, I’ve been trying to figure out how and why Facebook went from a sweet and simple way to keep in touch with friends and share my experiences with them, to THIS:

I have already been learning so many things about how I was simultaneously misusing and abusing myself, my soul, and Facebook. As these things develop, I will share them with you… but let me tell you about one right now.

I’ve been worrying all week that people will forget about me. That no one will care that I’m not posting new statuses on the News Feed… that my friends at home will forget that I exist… that they will be glad they don’t have to see my posts that they never cared about in the first place…

SO MANY LIES HAVE BEEN ENCIRCLING ME ALL WEEK. So many things have been urging me to compare myself to others even more than I am naturally inclined to. And I’ve caved quite a few times.

But then I realized with great embarrassment-yet-relief…

You shouldn’t care. I shouldn’t care. It’s great to stay updated with friends and family, to see what they’re doing, what funny things their kids are saying, the kinds of experiences they’re having. But when Facebook becomes a tool for the destruction of our souls and our joy and our self confidence… things should change! I’ve been happy to read books and have good, real, face-to-face conversations with people and on the phone to those far away from me. To spend time taking care of myself. Nurturing my soul. Writing in my journal and on my blog. Praying. Thinking. Being. I feel like I’ve been seeing, REALLY SEEING my life for the first time in a while… and it feels good. All because I haven’t checked my Facebook in nine days.

I am loving my break from Facebook.

I’ll share more about my Facebook fast as it unfolds. In the meantime, hope you will join me in letting go of feeling trapped, or damaged, or comparing yourself to others. Because you deserve better than that.

love always,
Jeri Lynn

P.S. — Listen to this song. It’s just so good. It reminds me of my darling Brave Girls I miss so much….