Mexican Food From “Sombrero,” Just Because

Today it is sunny. Sunny, beautiful, with not a breath of wind and an expected high of 79˚. Eastern Idaho weather is so fickle.


I am listening to Green Day on shuffle today. Even in my head I pronounce their name weird. green-DAY. Also Cake. And Blink-182.


Today, I want to talk about my fingernails.

My fingernails (that shine like justice?) are painted turquoise. The color is called Read My Palm” from Sephora by O.P.I. I don’t know what that means, but it makes me like the color even more. When my nails are painted turquoise, I feel like myself. I feel like I can do anything.

My turquoise fingernails tell me that everything is going to be okay; that I was born a unique, beautiful, and creative soul.

When my the ends of my fingers are that lovely turquoise color, I want to go running. I want to paint. I want to sing my favorite songs, wear my favorite clothes, and eat healthy foods.

I choose my polish color carefully.

Pink because I’m tired of deciding which color to pick, purple because I love College of Idaho, yellow because I feel a little freaky, brown because I’m bored of bright colors and I think it’s pretty. But turquoise, turquoise because I need a reminder. Turquoise because I like feel in control every once in a while. Turquoise because turquoise is not pink, or purple, or yellow, or brown. Turquoise because it’s intentionally bright and happy and one part green and three parts awesome.

My turquoise nail polish makes me feel like I’ll still get married someday even though I can’t really cook (I actually burned my BAGEL this morning). It tells me to have faith in and hope for the future. It tells me to nurture my soul on a regular basis.

I love, love, love my turquoise fingernail polish… and all the things it reminds me to be and do.

I don’t know why I just posted about my fingernail polish… probably because I’m listening to “Short Skirt Long Jacket” and “Josie”, so I feel like I have a mind like a diamond and that I’d bring you Mexican food from Sombrero, just because… and maybe because when I appreciate the fact that my nails are painted turquoise, I feel unstoppable…. So that’s normal.

Thanks for reading this rambling post about nothing.

Can’t stop won’t stop.



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