Hook-ed On Pa-haw-nikes Work-ed For Me!

Hello, world.

I’ve been pretty busy these last few weeks since I last posted. I’ve been doing a lot of shopping… and a little reading… and a lot of freaking out about how little reading I’ve been doing, because in just shy of four weeks I will enter the MTC.

Do you ever feel like you just woke up and 40 days had gone by? 40 days where you were going to be working out to losing that chubbiness in your face that magically appeared out of nowhere (or maybe from excessive amounts of G’s Dairy and Taco Bus)? 40 days where you were going to read a TON of Preach My Gospel and scripture and be at least somewhat prepared for your mission?

During that 40 days, you probably planned to visit all your friends and family so you could see them before you left. You were going to rest and relax and enjoy a little bit of real life before you enter the MTC and start your mission, which will soon become your real life. But now, with less than 25 days before you enter the MTC…. which means less than 20 days until you leave the Treasure Valley… it feels like you don’t have time to do anything.

Or maybe all that is just me.

Anyway, here’s some things I’ve been doing for the last few weeks!!

I’ve been day-dreaming about the Virginia Richmond Mission:

I’ve been shopping like a maniac:

I had a delicious birthday dinner with some of the fam’ at Tucano’s:

I bought shoes from beardy man at Dillards:

I’ve been doing some studying:

(Yes, with a Spider-Man Preach My Gospel study journal.)

I’ve been living with my absolute SAINT of a grandmother:

(making me a birthday cake)

(signing autographs for her newest book)

(posing with her newest book)

I’ve been trying to make sure that my suitcases aren’t over the 50 lb. weight limit… which makes me think of Brian Regan:

I’ve stopped drinking Diet Dr. Pepper (seriously!):

I’ve adopted a “conservative” nail color — none.

(Remember my post about my beloved turquoise nail polish? Now it is all packed away . . .)

I bought a few pieces of “conservative” jewelry, like this pic from the sister missionary dress guidelines:

… and I’ve been watching love stories:



Summer has been great… and I hope yours has been, too.



Being Alive

I’m sure you’ve read this quote before. But today, here’s what I’ve been thinking about:

“Imagine yourself as a living house. God comes in to rebuild that house. At first, perhaps, you can understand what He is doing. He is getting the drains right and stopping the leaks in the roof and so on; you knew that those jobs needed doing and so you are not surprised.

But presently He starts knocking the house about in a way that hurts abominably and does not seem to make any sense. What on earth is He up to? The explanation is that He is building quite a different house from the one you thought of – throwing out a new wing here, putting on an extra floor there, running up towers, making courtyards.

You thought you were being made into a decent little cottage: but He is building a palace. He intends to come and live in it Himself.”

– C. S. Lewis

While you’re here, listen to this song …


… because life is good.